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A Sudsy Hello!

Hi, I'm Andrea! This little hobby humbly started out with me trying to make bath bombs for my kiddo way back in 2014-2015. I dabbled with bombs, body butter, lip balms, and essential oil rollers. I used to have "Make and Take" events at my house through a local Meetup group.

I would walk past the soap supplies at the craft store and talk myself out of buying them. I'd say "Don't start another thing, Andrea, just don't" but one day in 2017 I wasn't able to talk myself out of it.

I bought some junky craft store bases and a mold and started playing around with the fragrances and colorants I had from the bath bombs. I found that I really enjoyed making soap. Each loaf is its own small work of art.

My oldest son joined me in 2018 and we starting buying high-quality bases to help with our household's sensitive skin. I found that glycerin-based soaps are far more gentle than regular store soaps and have way fewer ingredients so we ended up in piles of bars as we continued to make new creations.

We named our company The Sweetest Soaps because this soapy mama absolutely hates any type of floral, linen, laundry, perfume type scents. You're only going to find us making sweet soaps here with yummy, sugary vanilla, cotton candy, and citrus-based scents. Our one exception to this is our "Manly Man" bar which smells like the Mid-Summer's Night candles and sells out almost immediately.

We ended up selling at many craft shows through 2018 and ultimately burning out. I hate for fun hobbies to become labor-intensive work, and my laborer was off to college, so I took a break over 2019 only making a few things here and there when friends were looking for something.

2020 showed up and we all know how that ended up. So I grabbed my supplies and did a small spring release. When Christmas came around and everyone was asking for soap, I thought "oh what the heck, there's nothing better to do" so I finally launched an online store and cranked out the bars and scrubs.

In early 2021, I decided to bite the bullet and build this store from scratch, after all, I am a website designer by trade. This shop allows me to offer wishlists, a loyalty club, reviews, flat rate shipping, password-protected classroom areas, and more.

The plan now is to release new soaps 2-3 times per year in limited batches to friends, family, and the public. This is typically around the holidays and in Spring/Summer. What you won't be seeing anytime soon are more bath bombs. I HATE making those nasty little jerks. 😂 Instead, we are making bath fizzies that are just as fun with all the same sweet ingredients.

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Shipping & Returns


-Items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance for a flat rate of $10.

-Local Pickup in Pelham, NH is always free!

-Delivery is available for a small charge to customers in Pelham, NH, and will be dropped off within 3 business days.


All of our products are handcrafted in small batches. Due to the nature of the products, all sales are final, but if there's ever an issue with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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